Teeth Whitening at Catalina Rejuvenating Med Spa

BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Select teeth whitening system uses the most advanced and innovative technology and materials to whiten your teeth safely, quickly, and with maximum results.

Our special, gentle whitening gel contains 6% hydrogen peroxide to remove not only surface stains, but also the stains found deep inside the teeth. So your teeth get whiter faster, and stay whiter longer. To ensure your safety and comfort, the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Select treatment is only 60 minutes long, minimizing your risk of experiencing tooth sensitivity.

Case Study - Julia M.

Age: 31
Sales Assistant
Bristol, UK

I had heard the buzz about whitening. Some of my friends had gotten it done. But I didn't want a lot of hassle or to change my day-to-day routine. That's what was great about BEYOND™ WhiteSpa Select. Only one hour and I was done, and my teeth reached the whitest shade on the scale!

Treatment time:
One Treatment
three 20 minute cycles

Increased 10 color shades

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